Lou Harry Gets Real

Back Home Again

December 13, 2018

Lou's final episode of the 2018 season features hyphenated guests. Actors - musical performers Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas, join with the show's co-host actor-comedian Jason Adams.

Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas, both successful film, TV and stage actors, discuss their transisition from the LA entertainment scene to coming "back home" to Indiana, where they purchased a farm, raised a family and developed successful musical careers. Tim and Jan offer beautiful musical performances of some of Tim's great folk songs.

Actor - comedian Jason Adams is an engaged and funny co-host, but also offers a lovely / bizarre comedic bit of his own. 

This show is full of warmth, stories about remaining true to yourself, finding a home that fits you, and adhering to honesty in creating your art.

This show was sponsored by the lovely Oxford Room located above the Aristocrat Pub in Indianapolis. The Oxford Room is available for rent for private events. More info: